Hello. I’m in my late forties and I like to play with toy soldiers. This blog, if I manage to keep it going is going to feature my attempts at being creative. My weapons of choice are Warhammer 3rd edition and 8th. Warhammer 40,000, Rogue Trader for the fluff and  the next edition for the better close combat system. Necromunda is a game I love, Inquisimunda – an evolved version of Necromunda is mainly where I’m at  present. Other games I’m fond of, Bloodbowl, Infinity, Mordheim and Kings of War. My username is just something I found amusing on twitter regarding Age of Sigmar.  Played a few games, had fun but didn’t go full retard and change all my models bases. The nerdrage around it made me laugh but I’m still on the fence with it. My gaming buddies are also of the mature type also. There is a big swing towards both Warmahordes and Malfeaux.  Played a number of games of the former and I just don’t get it. Haven’t played the latter and I’ve no real interest either at the moment. With this counterproductive stance my gaming could be considered on the wane. Possibly, but I’m going to use the lack of gaming to decrease my mountain of unpainted lead into the more colourful variety. On the subject of painting, I’m OK, but certainly not brilliant. Im better at scenery, well that’s what my internal voices tell me anyway. So, summing up, expect to see painted models here sometime soon.