Paraquat Welcomes Pervert Astropath

The Paraquat Daily Informant

Written By Print Servitor 675/ABU7

The good people of Paraquat have been given the dubious honour of having a member of Astra Telepathica deployed within our settlements walls. The name of the Astropath is one  Shilum Drool previously of Hive Primus, Necromunda. However, Drool is not the best example of an upstanding servant of The Emperor as he was recently involved in a scandal where he first went missing Slag Valley Bullett #8 and the subsequently found some time later in a notorious den of iniquity Slag Valley Bullett #10. What is unclear is the circumstances behind his incarceration in The Last Gasp a famed knocking shop on Hive Primus.

Shilum Drool welcomed by mayor Drompf, accompanied by a couple of flunkies and members of the Adeptus Arbites

When interviewed, the mayor of Paraquat insisted that gaining an Astropath in a relatively small settlement such as ours was a coup of great significance. In fact, Gonad Drompf was positively delighted with gaining such an asset. He is quoted as saying “It’s marvelous news! Now when I need some Shrimpmakarel or Megatuna eggs sent from some one or other of neighbouring planets I don’t have to bother official Tithemen of the Governor with requests I can get it sent to me directly. Brilliant!”.

Mariel Sturmpet accompanied by two of the more militant members of the Anti Fornication League.

Locals are not so happy, Goodwidow Mariel Sturmpet – Chairperson of Paraquat’s Anti – Fornication League has claimed that Astropath Drool is an unwelcome visitor. She stated that “A known reprobate like that can project carnality into innocent citizens minds!”, she went on “Mark my words, there will be a tidal wave of lascivious thoughts and actions all over the place!”. There is even rumblings of a public protest. One thing is certain however, with Paraquat having their own Astropath with a penchant for debauchery, this story will run for a while longer.


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