Your New Medical Kit

The Regimental Standard

Greetings Guardsmen,

We have some great news for you.

You will soon be receiving a new medical tool kit to serve as part of your standard army equipment.

We are aware that some of you have been suffering injuries, in part due to a shortage of flak and carapace armour from the last Munitorum shipment. Those problems are now over, as you’ll have all the tools you need to heal your wounded troopers.*

Here is a quick guide to your new super-practical medical kit.


  1. Your Blessed Canteen. Use this to store Ecclesiarchy pre-blessed water** for wound cleaning and disinfecting. This is an important item in your pack, especially for those of you assigned to desert or ash-waste war zones, death world planets where water can host virulent diseases, or those battlefields where the landscape is tainted or irradiated.***
  2. Your Munitorum Spork****. Guardsmen will be pleased to learn that…

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