The Breakout!

Orrible Arris meets the breakout crew.

Orrible Arris, Strangler Arris’ younger brother had paid for some off world ‘talent’ to spring his older sibling from the Black Hole of Paraquat. When the team arrived he was furious, some scrawny kids and a couple of small green skinned aliens were not what he had envisioned when he had given Slippry  Cant – the fence, a substantial amount of Throne Geld to get them here. Meeting them for the first time behind Mungol’s Ratfish Cannery was a tense affair. A pronounced disdain for Paraquat and everything in it was evident. Orrible very nearly opened up with his guns in fury but something about the cold dead eyes of the ‘kids’ told him to do so would not be prudent.

After giving the gang the details of Strangler Arris incarceration, Orrible asked Little Scar, the gang’s leader what was the plan.

“We create a distraction. Demo charge the wall, we get your man out. Any heroes get fragged. We get off the planet. You live happily ever after. I’d advise you to have a good alibi tomorrow, there may be questions asked”.


Sure enough, one of Little Scar’s associates, a Grot named Blowit dropped several incendiaries around the building. Myobia Blint, the lone guard on the tower was overcome by fumes and collapsed.

jail-001 Round the front, another Grot named Blaggard started up the ‘dogjammer’. A bulky piece of tech that renders Cyber Dogs ineffective temporarily. Sadly the signal to stun the dogs is highly erratic so an expendable operative for this mission is vital. As Little Scar often says “No point having a dogjammer and jamming meself!”.

Now the crucial part of the plan!  The demo charges are placed and a hole in the wall is made. Sirens start to sound as the wall is breached. The rest of the gang arrive with a getaway vehicle. In the smoke and choking fumes Arris is bundled into the trukk and is driven off at speed. Just in time as the Paraquat Rapid Response Unit finish their drinks and leave The Drunken Sot, a local alcaholic beverage trader a few streets away.jail-003Renowned for their ‘shoot first and question any survivors policy’, many in Paraquat loathe and fear them. Luckily for those attempting the jailbreak, no one can find the keys to the Miscreant Wagon so the getaway is a success.

Next Stop, Orrible Arris Safe Ole…..


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